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Offering aluminum, brass and stainless steel KAMLOK® adaptors, couplers, flanges and spare parts. Our products are made from the highest quality materials with stainless steel pins that will not rust or bind and arms that are GFL (guaranteed for life). Our signature TWIN-KAM® arms are known for their ease of operation and superior performance. We have the couplers and adaptors you need to get the job done right!

The Armor Products Advantage

Armor Products offers our customers world class benefits from casting to quality control and testing of complete machined and assembled products. We provide only the best quality Kamlok® branded couplers and adapters giving our customers peace of mind knowing that they always have the right equipment they can depend on. 

Armor Products has a rich history of manufacturing excellence and superior service that sets us apart from all other cam and groove suppliers!

315,000 S.F. Production Facility

High Precision Tolerances
To Industry Specs

Rapid Turnaround

Stability, Doing Business
For Over 20 Years

Bringing years of satisfaction, quality and pricing

Superior product design, high quality, competitive prices, short lead times and on time delivery is what our customers expect from Armor Products.  No matter how you cut it, you can rely on us for all your aluminum, brass and stainless coupling needs.

Armor Kamlok Products Collage Aluminum
Armor Kamlok Products Collage Aluminum
Armor Kamlok Products Collage Aluminum and Brass
Armor Kamlok Products Collage Aluminum

Easy Coupling Action – Minimal effort at the ends of the cam arms needed to close
the adapter and coupler.

Highest Quality Gasket Materials – Superior seal maintains consistent leakless performance when arms are locked in place.

Stainless Steel Pins will not rust or bind.

Hydrostatically Tested – Pressure checked to ensure cast integrity. 

Armor Brand – KAMLOK® name known worldwide for performance and product quality.

Interchangeability – with other couplers made to the same specifications.
Armor Products Kamlok® Quick Couplings are manufactured to the dimensional specifications of MIL-C-27487 and AA59326.

Guaranteed-For-Life Arms –  Our strong Arm Guarantee: In the unlikely event an Armor Products’ Arm ever breaks, we will replace the arm for free, no questions asked.